Tulong! Tulong!

Sigaw ng pagmamakaawa Ng mga taong nauubusan na ng pag-asa Mga pinagkaitan ng ginhawa Sa mundong nangako ng pagkakapantay-pantay­ ng masa. Kaliwa't kanang pag-atake at pagkamkam Siya ring pagtigil ng sistema't buhay ng mga mamamayan Ng ospital, paaralan, at paglago ng mga kabuhayan At siya namang paglaho ng mga nagsabing tutulong sa mga nangangailangan. May... Continue Reading →


Sa Iyong Pagkawala 

    Pinipilit kong tapusin. Pinipilit kong takasan na lang ang aking nararamdaman kasi alam kong para sayo ay tapos na. Pinipilit kong kalimutan na lang kasi alam kong wala na talaga. Pinipilit ko naman, pero paano?      Alam kong alam mo na kung paanong sa sarili kong mundo'y bigla kang dumating. Pinaniwala mo... Continue Reading →

Criticism on Philippine Governance 

Filipinos seek for a change as a solution to solve the dilemmas in the country. The government is obliged to unravel this matter to uplift the country from the possible downfall. However, Filipinos often refuse the remedy castes for the betterment of the country and its citizens. Probably because of their fear to change or... Continue Reading →

Despair of life

I rouse early From this endless day Animated by chimera of mind's eye. Poured water in a cup Hankering a black coffee With a little sugar and cream on top. Anterior the window I sat, and in a sudden The cold breeze of the wind Touching my skin, The sweet sound of the birds Flying... Continue Reading →


  I'm here, still waiting for nothing, Yearning like a stupid, Expecting for you to return. Will you ever come back? Is it my fault to still assume? What if he changed his mind? This hope will certainly never fade; Impossible to vanish or to just die. 'cause as they say if it's pure, It... Continue Reading →

The Two of Us

I just watched you as you passed by I tried to call you but I can't No words came out, I'm out of breathe Or I'm afraid of what I'll get. Still remember what we used to be? We've shared a lot of memories I can't imagine we'll be like this That things will end... Continue Reading →


When I was alone, I've seen you You're agitated eyes calmed my soul The time stopped like the way before I disremembered how heavy the rain pours. I feel no fear when I'm with you By your warm touch I feel secured You've changed my unwanted life And turned into what I wanted. Standing on... Continue Reading →

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